Browser32 is an easy-to-use program for Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 designed to work with Dalet systems. The function of the program is to emulate the Base Browser application and allow users cheap access to audio files in the Dalet radio automation system.


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Key features

  • Browse, search and print the categories in your Dalet database(s).
  • View and print the contents of playlists.
  • View and print the contents of CD-ROMS.
  • View and print the contents of Broadcast Reports in the database.
  • Switch between different Dalet databases without shutting down the software.
  • Switch between different user groups without shutting down the software.
  • Play audio items using a standard soundcard.
  • Convert audio items to different audio formats using the free dBPowerAMP Music Converter.
  • Create Audio CD's with one click using the dBPowerAMP "Audio CD" plug-in.
  • Send items to FTP servers around the world.
  • Export metadata to XML, CSV or INF files.
  • View item properties (including waveform visualisation).
  • Play Dalet items from RCS Selector using the built-in ItemPlayer application.
  • Play items using the MPEG player(s) of your choice (Winamp, dBPowerAMP, etc..).


New in version 5.40

  • Bug fix for the registry export function in the setup program. This now exports the correct registry key on 64 bit machines (including the "Wow6432Node" branch).

System requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Minimum 1.5GHz multicore CPU, 4GB memory,
  • 15MB hard disk space.
  • dBpoweramp Music Converter (optional) - purchase here.


This software download is a trial version, with the following limitations:
  • Playlists cannot be viewed.
  • You can only play, save and convert the first 10 items in a category.
  • You can only print the first 20 items in a category.

Registering the software lifts these restrictions and allows full use of the program.

Report any bugs or feature requests via the contact page.