Audio Conversion Engine is an automatic audio conversion program designed to work with Dalet 5.x and DaletPlus systems. The function of the program is to poll categories, specific items, Windows folders and FTP locations for new audio files to convert. The converted files can outputted (including metadata) to a Dalet system, Windows folder or FTP server. Audio Conversion Engine is the ideal PodCasting tool for Dalet 5.x and DaletPlus systems, allowing compression and metadata to be added to the output files. It also allows for easy transfer of files between a number of Dalet systems.


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Key features

  • "Back-office" application which runs automatically (on a server) without operator intervention.
  • Polls specific categories and items in the Dalet database.
  • Polls Windows folders and FTP locations.
  • Convert and import audio files into Dalet.
  • Profiles allow for specific types of conversion for specific needs and target servers.
  • Supports many audio file formats and codecs (e.g. MP3, Windows Media, OGG, Real Audio, etc..).
  • The use of XSLT templates allow customisation of the metadata files which can accompany the output files.
  • A wide range of audio and metadata DSP's available for jobs like automatically trimming and compressing audio, adding idents/jingles and making metadata selections for the output files.


System requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003 - 2012.
  • Minimum 2GHz multicore CPU, 4GB memory.
  • 50GB hard disk space.


If you would like more information or to download a trial version, please send us a message via the contact page.

Report any bugs or feature requests via the contact page.